Retail Banking Fundamentals

The global banking terrain is highly dynamic and intensely competitive. This development has been fuelled by advances in technology, globalization of markets and changing customers' expectations. To survive under this dispensation, banks try to be innovative by introducing new products, while repackaging existing ones. Thus, retail banking has come to the fore as a strong determinant of competitive positioning. For a bank to leverage this aspect of banking and achieve competitive advantage, it must deepen the competencies of its employees in that regard.

Corporate Frauds Detection Prevention and Control

The cases of fraud experienced by business in recent times, increasingly placed organisations and their reputations at risk. Fraudsters continue to operate with more sophistication, which enable them to circumvent control procedures. Organisations must therefore, continuously evaluate and update their fraud preventive measures. This course seeks to inform executives on the intricacies of fraud, its identification and how to mitigate the risk of crystalizing.

Effective Project Finance

The quest for rapid economic transformation in Nigeria presents enormous Opportunities for project finance, especially in high growth sectors and industries. A delicate mix of skills is therefore, required to effectively tap into these emerging opportunities. This course is designed to acquaint participants with the intricacies of project finance for profitable outcomes and impact on project objectives.

Advanced Credit Analysis and Management

During a financial crisis, banks and financial institutions are usually highly vulnerable, due to possible shortcomings in effectively assessing credit risks. In addition, financial institutions tend to stand the risk of mergers, outright takeover and ultimately liquidation, when significant value gets eroded as a consequence of a high portfolio of non-performing credits. Consequently, staff of banks and financial institutions with the responsibility of managing risk assets need to be highly skilled to ensure the viability of their institutions. This course has been organised to equip participants to gain advanced strategies for analysing credits.

Advanced Audit and Internal Control

Banks have taken advantage of recent improvements in information and telecommunication technology to develop sophisticated products and services. This development has, however, raised the stakes for bank inspectors, who must acquire advanced techniques in order to protect the integrity of their internal control systems.